“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” Lisa Weed

I was always ambitious in my professional career. While I was doing my current job, I was also looking at the…

Taking Care of Employees

Remember how you once felt that your boss and your company were not looking out for you?

The pay was ok, but the raises were miniscule and the benefits were so-so. You worked hard and put in extra hours, but got scant if any praise for your efforts. And you…

I just saw one of the largest purges in professional sports. The Chicago Cubs traded many of their highest paid players who were on a terrible losing streak and plummeting towards last place in their division.

I was sad to see these players go. Some were instrumental in winning the…

Am I in the Right Career?

Are you laying awake at night because you are not satisfied with where you are at in your career? It doesn’t make sense, but yet it bothers you so much that you are losing sleep over it. And you can’t understand why.

You really knew what you wanted to do as a career.

You knew it in high school. You picked…

Satisfaction in Who You Are and What You Do

I have recently read a lot of articles regarding how the promotion of a good or even great worker to a management position does not always work out well.

In my opinion being a good worker is not a main qualification to being a manager of others. Just because one…

Personal Life vs. Work Life

You wonder if it is truly possible to enjoy a life where you can ‘Play Longer.’ You wonder if the rat race our society seems to be in is all that there is, and would love to find another way to enjoy life with your family and friends.

Getting There was Quite a Trip

We were now perking along with the outline and plan we had devised to meet what we thought Rich wanted.

Rich told me that he didn’t want to hear from me until it was completed. So, I again followed his direction and did not contact him, even though he sat no further than 50 feet from me.

That didn’t last long.

Within a week or so he would call me into his office and…

Being Respected Versus Being Liked

“I firmly believe that respect is a lot more important, and a lot greater, than popularity.” Julius Erving

I managed many people during my career.

One in particular stands out when it comes to the matter of whether it is better to be liked than respected.

This individual was my tooling engineer. In that regard, he was…

Part 2 of Getting Operations Straight

So I survived The Day I Swore I was Going to Die. But you probably already know that since I wrote about it and am now writing this part 2 piece.

After Rich had berated myself and the other managers who reported to Terry, he was ready to clean up…

Peter H Christian

Peter played a key role in the 700% growth of Crayola over 17 years. His first book, “What About the Vermin Problem?” is now an Amazon bestseller.

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